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Who we are: offers used computers asset recovery services to businesses nationwide. Sell used computers, used network surplus assets and used Cisco to Auctionbidmart used computer asset recovery experts. We sell business surplus, used computers through our online technology marketplace where computer buyers and computer sellers meet and bid on used computers and network equipment.

Our services: We provide IT valuation asset recovery, liquidation, used computer sales & on-site technology used equipment auctions. Business surplus buyers, IT sellers, service providers and OEM manufacturers make up an auction marketplace of used computers & electronics . Our buyers bid on surplus computer and network equipment at below market value. Our sellers will be able to move equipment while remaining anonymous. We will handle all aspects of your auction allowing you to see how easily large quantities of inventory are sold quickly.

Our mission: We assist businesses undergoing bankruptcies, downsizing, upgrading to new technology or interested in removing idle used computer and network equipment. Our mission is simply to offer MIS, IS/IT--Management quality technology asset recovery service, fair market computer valuation and proper IT asset management and disposal.


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Our asset recovery, data removal & liquidation agents help businesses reduce time, clear stored surplus assets and reduce costs with a return of cash value on an original investment. Contact a asset recovery specialists for a valuation of your IT equipment. We offer wholesale purchasing and the sale, auction and bulk distribution of used Cisco, monitors, cpu, motherboards, used desktop systems, used laptops and network surplus. We buy and sell in palletized stock and will ship to any destination.

Equipment Shipping Estimations* - Submit Equipment for Valuation

Asset Recovery of 45 per skid. 20 skids x 45 monitors in 40 ft. Container = 920 units ETD weight = 23,000lbs.
10 skids x 45 monitors in 20 ft. Container = 460 units ETD weight = 11,500lbs.

Asset Recovery of 17" - Palletized 18 per skid. 20 skids x 18 monitors in 40 ft. Container = 360 units
ETD weight = 11,520lbs. 10 skids x 18 monitors in 20 ft. Container = 180 units ETD weight = 5,760lbs.

Asset Recovery of 24 per skid 20 skids x 24 monitors in 40 ft. Container = 480 units ETD weight = 11,520lbs.
10 skids x 24 monitors in 20 ft. Container = 240 units ETD weight = 7,680lbs.

Asset Recovery of Mini Towers -Palletized 60 per skid.
20 skids x 60 monitors in 40 ft. Container = 1200 units ETD weight = 30,000lbs.
10 skids x 60 monitors in 20 ft. Container = 600 units ETD weight = 15,000lbs.

Asset Recovery of Towers and Desktops-Palletized 48 per skid.
20 skids x 48 monitors in 40 ft. Container = 960 units ETD weight = 24,000lbs.
10 skids x 48 monitors in 20 ft. Container = 480 units ETD weight = 12,000lbs .


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Liquidation, asset recovery, auctions of tier one used computer systems, electronics, data center network equipment.




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Cisco Liquidators Network Asset Recovery Services: Upgrades bankruptcy, downsizing and closing business.

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