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CRT Monitor, Recycling Asset Recovery Disposal. Auction: E-Waste


We recycle volume lots of business used computer equipment, monitors, televisions, electronics and network technology surplus. Equipment is received and picked-up daily from businesses.Submit your quantity LCD computer equipment, monitors, laptop and desktop products.  Please note* If you have 50 units or lessin  quantity or less, we suggest that you go to, enter your zip code and look up metal recycler.  This avenue may be better suited for your recycling needs. 

Pick-ups are FREE OF CHARGE For working CRT, PC systems, servers routers, switches and network equipment in qty bulk loads only.
unless otherwise noted.

Call for a pickup!

or email us at Our disposal services  include:
Electronics Recycling: computer recycling, monitor disposal / monitor recycling, monitor auctions, and electronics recycling. We pickup all surplus equipment. Liquidate, dispose of and auction: case, memory, motherboard, hard drive, LCD monitor, CRT monitor, video card, sound card, network card, server, workstation, desktop, tower, rackmount servers, mouse keyboard, speakers and notebook / laptops. Auctionbidmart Recycling is a simple way to recycle your used computer equipment without the fear that your outdated equipment will end up in some landfill somewhere with your companies name all over it Once we have picked up the computer equipment and it has been recycled; we will provide our customer with a Certificate of Destruction.

Electronic Auction: E-Waste, CRT Monitor, Computer Auction, Recycling Asset Recovery Disposal.
Business Technology Surplus ONLY Min of 100 +

  • Data Destruction - We ensure that data on hard disk drives are completely destroyed. We use data removal software complying with the Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M compliant)
  • Excess Inventory Liquidation - We buy surplus used computer equipment, laptops, servers, routers, switches and test equipment.
  • Any none working computers/monitors are recycled.
  • Regular Pickup Service - Schedule a time for our truck to pick up your excess surplus equipment.
Submit Auction Computer Equipment Or Direct Liquidation: Thank you for contacting us. Use this form to request a pickup. Please be as detailed as possible and include the working condition of items. Contact us today to discuss your excess inventory :

Organization Name:
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Liquidation of used computer systems, electronics, and data center network equipment.


Our markets include corporate, campuses, data centers, high-tech electronics, educational, government, biotechnology and medical healthcare. We focus on auction services to IT managers, CIO's, CFO's, MIS / technology departments heads needing to upgrade or clear out unwanted computers or network equipment from computer rooms & data centers, network equipment rooms, local & wide area networks.



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